Responsible Recycling

E-waste continues to be a Global issue, specifically here in the U.S. where our consumer-driven economy has us upgrading electronics nearly as fast as OEMs bring them to market.  With the amount of e-waste generated in the U.S. expected to grow significantly with the eminent move to 5g network devices, Green Owl Tech Recycling is confident our Responsible Recycling program will exceed your expectations in terms of compliance and peace-of-mind.

Electronics are composed of mostly recyclable materials that can be extracted when sorted and routed to the proper recycler.  These materials include,

  • Glass

  • Copper

  • Aluminum

  • Tin

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Platinum

  • Steel

  • Plastic

  • Iron

Along with reusable materials, electronics contain some or all of the following highly-toxic and harmful materials that must also be extracted and disposed of properly:

  • Lead

  • Mercury

  • Beryllium

  • Lithium

  • Cadmium

  • Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs)

  • Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)

  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Responsible Recycling

Green Owl Tech Recycling is proud to say that we conform to electronics recycling industry best practices in terms of using common sets of processes, continual improvement of operations, documentation, ensuring worker health and safety, and minimizing impact to the environment.

In addition to using industry best practices, we are proud of the following:

  • Our "no landfill" policy directs our efforts toward reuse and recycling of all material that we receive. 

  • It is our policy never to use incineration or other methods of energy recovery even if determined to be the most technically and economically feasible.

  • Although we sometimes sell tested and fully functional IT assets to overseas buyers, it is our policy never to knowingly ship e-waste outside the United States.